The Village of Pescasseroli

Pescasseroli  is the most important center of the  Abruzzi National Park

It is located in the upper Sangro river valley, at the northern end of a wide valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and vast ancient woodland in one of the most enchanting mountain areas of Italy: the wild scenic beauty and the incredible variety of flora and fauna, in a wide plain at 1167 m. on the sea.

Pescasseroli is the ideal place for a holiday in nature, in all seasons you can admire the territory of the Park of rare and evocative beauty with nature trails. A place where being in perfect harmony with nature, where they still exist between seasons; a place that enchants you with its colors, smells, emotions and sensations. A place where you can still see the animals in the wild and where men feel freer … a place where you can breathe deeply and having to get used to your hearing silence to appreciate the sounds of nature.

Abruzzi, Lazio e Molise National Park is famous in Italy, and all over the world, as a model for nature conservation and environmental safeguard. In the latest 20 years, the Park could harmonically develop thanks to the “zoning” of the territory, leading to the integration between conservation and development and to an agreement with the Park Municipalities to solve city planning problems. The visits to the Park are controlled and selected, and many things are being done to make this Park increasingly modern and efficient.


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