The Mission of the International Volleyball Camp is to offer young people, coaches, volunteers, staff and families a growth plan for sport and cultural education through the organization of a residential international camp.


We achieve this mission by:


  1. Using sport as a tool for personal growth as part of an organized group; learn the values ​​of sport and a healthy and happy lifestyle;
  2. Helping campers improve their psychological well-being and social inclusion emphasizing the value of self care;
  3. Using sport as a tool for growth with others, sharing rules, successes and defeats, of fair play rediscovering the value of fair play, respect of the rules and of the opponent;
  4. Creating an international residential sporting environment where campers can meet peers and coaches from different countries, contribute to enrich their social and cultural background and knowledge of new realities and consolidating the values ​​of team spirit and social inclusion;
  5. Offering families an answer to the request for participation in well organized activities and high educational value both in sports and culture, in the long school summer break;
  6. Providing our coaches the opportunity to work in an environment of openness and technical exchange outside and beyond the competitive pressures of the championships through the sharing of the camp goals with passion and determination;
  7. Qualifying athletes with a technical analysis aimed at improving teaching of all fundamental individual and teams;
  8. Introducing beginners to competitive and amateur sport through a new approach to discipline in a serene, welcoming, and inclusive environment, highlighting the educational values ​​of team sports;
  9. Facilitating individual growth of the campers and their “independence” from their families through an acquisition of its own means, within the framework of rules and duties in respect of themselves and others;
  10. Joining the contact and the respect of nature and appreciate the elements and at the same time enhance interpersonal relationships “natural” and non-filtered and shielded from social networks and the use of personal computers and smartphones;
  11. Propose a healthy lifestyle by using sport and life in the community as a tool of individual growth in a fun and exciting sport atmosphere.



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