Camp Multisport

This camp is reserved  to boys and girls aged 11 to 16 years.


From the basics to more advanced techniques, with this course you will learn and refine your playing technique!
Divided into groups by experience, the boys will follow our staff in lessons fun and technically valid, in a path of learning and improvement, but above all fun!
Course participants held more training sessions during the day, focused on the technical part, which will be interspersed then from training games.


In this course, open to all, kids can practice the sport of handball. Starting from the basic techniques in an introductory course, and then coming up to more advanced movements and patterns, more experienced athletes, as well as beginners, they will put into play this sport that takes as football and basketball.
Our staff, competent and with years of teaching behind, will guide participants in practice up to then to the training matches and a small tournament at the end of the course.


Whether you have always wanted to try to play, whether you play it for years, this is the right course!
Starting from the fundamentals, the course then go to build patterns of play and more advanced tactics, for both outfield players for the goalkeepers.
The training sessions will alternate the games, which are the perfect time to check the level of learning of what is felt during the lesson.
At the end of the course there will be then a small tournament which will see the teams involved in a competitive time, but with the spirit of aggregation and fun that characterizes this course!


Different from the Olympic fencing for self-setting, and for the different weapons that are used, fencing is the Historical European Martial Art studio, practiced as a modern sport.
Are you a beginner who has never got to try fencing? No problem, this course is for you!
The boys will start with the basics, going to see the movements and actions of the first offense and defense of different weapons used in the late Middle Ages and the modern age, all working with highly trained engineers in the discipline. Each lesson then ends with a phase of Assault, the free fight between two students who practice what they have learned.
The course is practiced in accordance with the highest safety standards and certified equipment.


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